The goal of ORT has always been the provision of an education that enables ORT students to be given the best possible start in life, leading to greater opportunities for themselves and their communities.


In 2007, World ORT embarked on a program, Science Journey – Kadima Mada, to improve the quality of science and technology education in Israel, in the periphery and under served communities. 

Europe and Former Soviet Union

ORT is involved in providing general education in schools, vocational training in specialist colleges and many educational programmes in Jewish communities across Europe.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 ORT returned to recreate a dynamic educational network that currently spans nine countries, including 56 projects in 38 locations, serving more than 25,000 people.

Latin America

For more than 75 years, ORT has strengthened Jewish communities across Latin America and paved the way for excellence in education.From schools providing general education to universities providing highly specialised academic courses, ORT gives Latin American students a deep connection to their Jewish heritage and access to a bright future. 

United States

US ORT Operations is responsible for the administration of colleges in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and an ORT computer centre in Detroit. Over the past two decades these institutions have trained more than 100,000 Jewish refugees and immigrants, mostly from the former Soviet Union and Iran.

Africa and India

ORT South Africa works in Johannesburg and Cape Town building capacity, empowering educators and providing support in an effort to eradicate poverty and help people to build meaningful lives. In Liberia, ORT’s International Cooperation programmes create opportunities for Liberia’s war- affected youth to improve their lives by providing skills training that leads to sustainable incomes.

ORT India, based in Mumbai, provides ICT and other vocational training courses for the community, and Jewish educational programmes.

International Cooperation

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is a timeless tenet of the Jewish religion. In recent times it has become synonymous with social action and responsibility. Through its International Cooperation (IC) arm, World ORT reaches out to individuals, communities and countries in need to make this world a better place.