Africa and India


ORT India, based in Mumbai, provides ICT and other training for the community, with both residential and day school courses. It has been engaged in the provision of education and vocational training to India’s Bnei Menashe community since the early 1990s. ORT India runs a number of courses and projects, which are outlined below.


The purpose of World ORT’s Literacy Training and Employment Program (LTEP) in Liberia is to create opportunities for young people to improve their lives by providing skills training that leads to sustainable incomes.  The program also embraces a commitment to spur innovation by offering young people opportunities to test new ideas, make new products, learn about new services and learn to think creatively.

South Africa 

ORT SA started in 1936 as a fundraising entity. From 1936 to 1994 the organisation existed to raise funds for various ORT causes.For ORT SA, education is about more than basic schooling. Rather, it is about empowerment and support; only then can poverty be eradicated and meaningful lives be built. ORT South Africa's work is centred on two regions: Johannesburg and Cape Town.