ORT SA CAPE is situated in the Western Cape and works to enrich education in impoverished schools and communities, focusing on critical educational challenges in technology, mathematics and literacy.

ORT SA CAPE focuses on three principal areas of work:

CASPER: Constructive After-school Programme for Enrichment

CASPER creates a safe after-school environment for children - primarily of elementary school age - in impoverished rural areas who would otherwise be left unoccupied after school in the afternoons.

  • Reading Groups - using a buddy system pairing older and younger students together.
  • Robotics - using Lego robotic kits to improve familiarity with and enthusiasm for STEM subjects. These robotics clubs are often alternatives to traditional after-school sports clubs, therefore providing a meaningful activity for non-sporty children who did not previously have an alternative outlet.

Teacher Training

ORT SA CAPE runs state-accredited teacher training for Grade R (Reception) teachers, focusing on mathematics, language and cognition skills. This training is run in accordance with national framework guidelines, with supplementary training in "softer" teaching skills such as effective listening.

Educational Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

ORT SA CAPE is working on a tender awarded by the Western Cape Education Department to monitor and evaluate teacher training in 255 schools across the Western Cape area. This follows the completion of a two year contract to monitor and evaluate teacher training for the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute.