Europe and Former Soviet Union


ORT in Belarus is represented by two Kesher-Net centres operating in Gomel and Polots, as well as a Jewish school in Minsk.


The Lauder-ORT No. 134 “Dimcho Debelianov” Jewish School in Sofia actively participates in World ORT educational activities. Curriculum runs three tracks: foreign languages, information technology and digital design & media.  

Czech Republic

After ORT's return to Czech Republic in 1996 it cooperated with the Education and Culture Centre of Prague as well as  Ronald S. Foundation. As a result in 2005, ORT entered the Lauder school of Prague, where it established a computer lab.


Jewish School in Tallinn Estonia is the only Jewish school in the country. It joined ORT network in 2008. Since then students and teachers actively participate in educational programmes and activities run by ORT.


ORT France is a Jewish institution for education and training, founded in 1921 and recognized as a charity in 1961. ORT France’s seven colleges are at the forefront of providing vocational learning and making use of the most-up-to-date technologies, giving their students an upper-hand when they come to apply for jobs.


ORT in Georgia is represented by one ORT-KesherNet centre in Tbilisi, which was established in 2009. The centre’s target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, elderly people and young students.


ORT's work in Italy is based out of two Jewish schools - the ORT Liceo Renzo Levi in Rome and the ORT-affiliated Scuola della Comunita Ebraica di Milano in Milan.


“Pri Etz Chaim” school functions as a centre for Jewish education in Kyrgyzstan. In 2004, the school became part of the World ORT network, and an ORT Technology Centre was installed in 2006.


Established in 1989, Jewish School in Riga The school moved to new premises in 2010, in which World ORT installed state-of-the-art ICT, science and robotics laboratories. In 2011-2012, the school was ranked as the 8th best secondary school in Latvia.


ORT is represented by two educational establishments in Lithuania both in Vilnius: Jewish school and a Media Centre in the Jewish Community centre. 


Since its return to Moldova ORT has played a central role in the renewal of Jewish community life in Kishinev.  ORT Moldova currently supports two schools, with a focus on Jewish education, technological education and equipping students with skills relevant to the world of work.


Since its return to Russia in 1991, ORT Russia is represented in 13 cities including 6 Jewish schools, which run in cooperation with local governments and Israel’s Ministry of Education. ORT technology and ICT centres, working in vocational settings provide people with the up-to-date skills they need for professional employment.


The first ORT school in Ukraine was opened in Odessa in 1997. In 2000 World ORT and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine signed a memorandum to formalize their cooperation in the fields of general, elementary and secondary professional education. Since that time, a significant number of ORT schools and vocational training centres have been established in the country.


ORT UK is primarily a fundraising organization, but it runs one operational program - ORT-JUMP - which matches young people with mentors in their chosen field of work.