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ORT Jewish School "Pri Etz Chaim", Bishkek

The “Pri Etz Chaim” school functions as a centre for Jewish education in Kyrgyzstan, having been established by Belgian Jewish philanthropists. Set up in 1993, the aim of the school was to stimulate the rebirth of Jewish identity and culture in the country.

In 2004, the school became part of the World ORT network, and an ORT Technology Centre was installed in 2006. The school was the first in Kyrgyzstan to adopt the NetSchool program, providing an integrated information and administrative environment.

The school accepts students who are defined as Jewish according to Halacha. As a result, the school also operates a Centre of Jewish Family Education, a preschool educational group and a Jewish Sunday school, attended by young people who cannot attend the school for reasons of Halacha.

Alongside teaching the state curriculum, the school offers in-depth study of Judaism, computer technology and English.

Name of School ORT Jewish School "Pri Etz Chaim"
Location Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan
Age range Elementary, Junior High, High School
Students 83
Teachers 23

Jewish Education

Informal Jewish Education

The school organizes Shabbatonim in which whole families take part.  These Shabbatonim focus on boosting observance of traditional religious ceremonies and encouraging healthy living.

Technology Education

Lessons are held at ORT Technology Centre. Students and teachers are active participants of international competitions conducted by ORT such as Animated Cards Competitions and Art Works Contests.


With support from the L.A. Pincus Fund between 2008 and 2011, the school hosted Jewish studies for adults and young people, combined with computer literacy courses, craft classes and English language courses.

Contributions to the National Education System

  • In 2014-2015 school’s methodologist was a member of developing team at the national testing of Kyrgyzstan