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ORT in Moldova

Since its return to Moldova following the dissolution of the USSR, ORT has played a central role in the renewal of Jewish community life in Kishinev.  ORT Moldova currently supports two schools, with a focus on Jewish education, technological education and equipping students with skills relevant to the world of work.

ORT Lyceum Rambam

The Lyceum Rambam opened in 1992, and has been supported by ORT since 2008. The school houses the only Holocaust museum in Moldova, created by students together with the survivors. Its topical exhibitions attract schoolchildren and other visitors from all over the country. Read more

ORT Technology Lyceum, Kishinev

The school is currently operated jointly by the state of Moldova and ORT, and is now known as ORT Technology Lyceum. Originally opened in 1991, the school benefited from the opening in 2000 of an ORT ICT centre. In 2015 Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum moved to a new building, reconstructed and re-equipped.Read more