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ORT Moscow Technology School, Gymnasium # 1540

Moscow ORT Technology School was set up in 1994 as a new type of general and vocational educational establishment, which harnessed specialised technological facilities to offer innovative curricula and training programs.  An ORT Technology Centre was installed at the school in 1995. Until 2013, the school provided education for the 5th through to the 11th grades.

In 2013, a merger of schools and kindergartens was initiated by the Moscow Department of Education, resulting in the creation of the new unified educational complex under the roof of existing Moscow ORT Technology School. Since 2014 the school has been comprised of two school buildings, three kindergartens and a total 1200 students. 

ORT Moscow Technology School was acting as the linking element in this merger, sharing its experience in educational innovation across the whole complex and affiliating the kindergartens as a pre-school element of the ORT school.

The most important change in the school after the merge has been the opening of the Jewish primary school and Jewish groups in kindergartens as part of the ORT Moscow Technology School.

Name of School ORT Moscow Technology School, Gymnasium # 1540
Location Moscow/Russia
Age range Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior High, High School
Students 1200
Teachers 140

Alongside the general education provided according with the Russian Federation National Curriculum and Moscow Regional Curriculum, the school also specializes in two advanced tracks of study: Jewish education and technology (engineering) education. The learning process is supported by the efficient use of modern computer technology, interdisciplinary study and project-based learning.