ORT Secondary School # 274 "Yerushalaim, St Petersburg

The ORT “Yerushalaim” school was set up in 1992, under the aegis of the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel. In 1995 the school achieved the status of an institution for the profound study of foreign languages (German, English and Hebrew). The school caters for students from the 1st to the 11th grades and among them there are 15% from Jewish families.

Name of SchoolORT Secondary School # 274 "Yerushalaim"
Location St Petersburg\Russia
Age rangeElementary, Junior High, High School

Hebrew - Hebrew lessons are conducted in the 2nd and 4th  grades for 1 hour per week and at the 6th-11th grades 2 hours per week.

History of the Jewish People - Lessons on History of the Jewish people are conducted in the 6th – 11th grades for 1 hour per week.

Traditions of the Jewish People - These lessons are conducted in the 2nd, 4th and 6th -11th grades for 1 hour per week.

Jewish Literature - This course is integrated into the general Literature lessons of the 9th and 11th grades. 

Shabbatons - The school organises out-door Shabbaton experiences on Rosh Hashana or Sukkot and for Lag-ba-Omer. Usually the Shabbatonim will involve about 40 people. 

Informal Jewish Education Club - Two times a month the club for senior students on informal Jewish education takes place involving about 20 students.

Extra-curricular study of Jewish culture - For middle grades a hobby group on studying traditions, culture and art of Jewish people is organised. It involves about 18-20 students.

Family club - Once a week a meeting of the family club takes place with about 20 people participating.

Participation in Jewish Activities - The school promotes events organised by other Jewish organisations and the Jewish community of the city. Usually these activities involve the 79 Jewish families of the School’s students and their relatives and friends.

In addition to providing extra elective Hebrew tuition, the school runs several informal education projects, including:

  • Celebrations for Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim and Pesach. Students and their parents also participate at the city events and concert of Chanukah celebration.  
  • Events connected with the remembrance of Holocaust victims: participating in the project of Russian Research and the Educational Holocaust Centre, organising of exhibitions and presentations devoted to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. 
  • Cooperation with other Jewish organizations and participating in their projects such as international Olympiads of the History of Israel.
  • Participating at the city events devoted to the problems of tolerance.  
  • Participating at ORT network contests and projects.