World ORT Kadima Mada affiliated schools

A number of schools with whom World ORT Kadima Mada has worked since 2007 are affiliated to the WOKM network. Affiliation involves access to teacher training, access to national and international forums, sharing of curriculum resources and participation in educational exchange programs - all designed to enrich the provision of science and technology education in the affiliated school.

Principals' Seminar

World ORT Kadima Mada works closely with the principals of its affiliated schools, meeting regularly with them in their schools.  In order to provide the principals with an opportunity to step back from their daily tasks and to reflect on broader pedagogical issues, WOKM organizes an annual seminar which aims to:

  • update principals’ knowledge of cutting-edge educational technologies and how they can be used in the classroom
  • develop a network of principals who share knowledge and collaborate with each other, therefore helping to sustain the projects and work initiated by WOKM

Teacher Awards

World ORT Kadima Mada makes a number of awards each year to staff in its affiliated schools, with the purpose of increasing motivation and celebrating excellence. Principals of the affiliated schools submit nominations, which are judged by WOKM's pedagogical team. The award categories are as follows:

  • a teacher producing excellent educational resources and lesson materials
  • an excellent science and technology teacher
  • an excellent teaching support staff member
  • an excellent subject team of teachers
  • an excellent Innovation Leaders