National projects

MADA-NA Mobile Science Exhibition

In Israel, museum and exhibition trips form part of the extra-curricular activities for which parents are required to pay. Students in poorer neighborhoods are usually unable to participate in such trips since their parents are unable to afford the cost. To address this issue, Mada-Na’s Moving Science Exhibitions provide displays in a local “Eshkol Payis” – municipality building – which can be accessed by all schools in the community.

The project comprises five mobile displays, each composed of fifteen models that feature a wide range of engaging science and technology subjects and which encourage hands-on participation. Themes include electricity and magnetism, optics, mechanics, waves, heat, liquids and gases, and energy. The displays are exhibited in each town or regional council for a period of six months before moving on to a different location. Read More

Smart Classroom Initiative

Hundreds of Israeli schools have been equipped with interactive whiteboards, wireless Internet connectivity, laptops and on-going teacher training. Each participating school has a tailored implementation plan, developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

This program started in 2010 in the Galilee region, in cooperation with both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee. 420 Smart Classrooms were installed during the first phase of this program.  The initiative is now being rolled out in the Negev region, to equip a total of 1000 classrooms in the north and south of the country. Read More

Future Learning Spaces

The future is here. World ORT Kadima Mada is currently creating the classroom of tomorrow based on the Smart Classroom of today. It is modular, technological and designed to encourage a different type of studying and learning that encourages inquisitiveness through a relevance to the real world. Read More 

2 x 5 Project

According to the Ministry of Education data, not enough school students are studying for top level maths (5 units) because, in many instances, there aren't enough top quality maths teachers around.  Addressing this national challenge means that many teachers are now benefiting from the opportunity to further their training while school students are being exposed to a whole new world of mathematical content. Read more  

Meeting Students' Social Needs

A number of students at WOKM affiliated schools struggle at school on account of their underprivileged or deprived socio-economic backgrounds. Some come from single-parent households, some have parents who are unemployed, and others have experienced family illness and bereavement.

The objective of this project is to provide for the basic social needs of students who lack school books and supplies, school uniform and sports equipment. As a result, students receive the resources they need to provide them with more equal educational opportunities.  In addition, families are relieved of what can be a serious economic burden.

Tablet Computer Pilot Project

By 2015, all textbook publishers in Israel will be required by the Israeli Ministry of Education to produce electronic copies of each textbook that they publish. In light of this development, World ORT Kadima Mada has taken the opportunity of implementing a pilot project to introduce tablet computers into one of its affiliated schools, Kadoorie. Each student in one grade (approximately 150 students) will receive their own tablet, with pre-loaded e-textbooks and a book-reader enabling students to add their own bookmarks and comments, as well as searching for and sharing content. This package comes as part of a learning management system, which allows teachers to add their own materials, provide feedback on students’ work, post notices, interact with parents and reply to stuents’ questions online.  

Prior training is provided for both teachers and students. In addition, experts will be on hand at the school to provide support and trouble-shooting.