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Future Learning Spaces

Future Learning Spaces (FLS) are an evolution of the Smart Classrooms.   As new technological changes occurred together with developments of new  teaching and learning methods, World ORT Kadima Mada decided to find an innovative way to incorporate them in a classroom setting that will meet the demands of the future.  World ORT Kadima Mada found a way to promote learning and teaching principles that are appropriate for the age we live in  such as the ‘learning circle’ which is study that is based on problem-solving that is inter-disciplinary, mutual and internet based.

By 2019 some 200 FLSs will be established in the Negev region in the south of Israel. In addition, two regional FSLs will be established for the use of teachers where they will learn about, develop and plan innovative education.

The main objective of the FLS is to introduce a different type of study strategy through the  initiation of new teaching and learning experience.

These new types of classrooms are large arenas that allow school students to independently study a topic through a variety of means, thereby encouraging individual and group creativity.  The FLS is constructed according to a modular design that can be changed as necessary.  It incorporates advanced technologies, comfortable seating areas and a wall that can be used as an interactive whiteboard when needed.

The change in structure emphasizes the concept that the school student is the focus of the lesson, rather than the teacher and this is highlighted by the lack of a  formal teacher’s desk at the front of the FLS.  In fact, sometimes it is the students who will be doing the teaching as they report upon their findings during the learning process.

The main approach to FLS study includes:

  • Project based study
  • Problem-solving
  • Group study
  • Experiential learning

The students instruct themselves as they see fit, whether it be individual internet research, group discussion, planning a joint experiment with a partner, designing a solution using a 3D printer and more.  The teacher facilitates and guides the learning process.

The construction of the first FLS is currently being completed in Beer Tuvia School in Beer Sheva and it is being equipped with all the latest technology and equipment in accord with this innovative learning environment.