Electric Circuits: Analysis and Design


The school has developed a didactic kit, comprising of a set of electric modules which can be easily interconnected to enable practical experiences of design, assembly, test and measurement of low-consumption electric circuits. The kit includes motors, lamps, sirens, single and double-throw switches, reverse switches, open and closed switches, and magnetic sensors. The kit also includes connection wires with connectors to assemble nodes and derivations, and even to insert measuring tools. Additional teaching materials include a practical guidebook for the class, animations with information and exercises, and simulation software of electric circuits.


  • Serial and parallel circuits
  • Symbols and representations
  • Short circuits
  • Measurement of tension and current
  • Control of motors
  • Control elements
  • Manual and automatic control
  • Circuit analysis and design
  • Failure testing
  • Problem solving

Teacher training

The project designates 12 hours of teacher training.