Low-Cost Water Bio-Depuration Project


This project uses the problem of water contamination to bring students closer to the methodologies used in scientific research and technological development. Students carry out experiments of water bio-depuration in the school lab using an experimental kit they themselves can design and construct. They go through all stages of the process: research into the most appropriate types of bio-depurating organisms; analysis of the conditions required for their culture, reproduction and development; design and selection of the devices required for growth; and the observation of their development. The project includes a guide for the teacher, in addition to low-cost materials for carrying out the activities.


  • Water contamination: its causes
  • Potability
  • Water depuration
  • Sustainability
  • Aquiculture
  • Bio-depuration
  • Bio-depurating organisms
  • Environmental conditions that favour breeding, feeding and reproduction
  • Use of optical instruments
  • Techniques of airing and heating
  • Methodologies of scientific investigation and of technical design

Teacher training

The project designates 24 hours of teacher training.