The MBA of Universidad ORT is a postgraduate program, formally recognized by the Uruguay Ministry of Education and Culture. It is ranked among the top 10 MBAs in the MERCOSUR group of Latin American countries (comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and among the top 30 throughout Latin America (according to the magazine América Economía). The course was accredited in 2013 by the Association of MBAs - one of the main accreditation bodies in the UK.

The modular course integrates a range of methodologies designed to optimize the learning of various business management issues and take into account individual learning styles. The course makes use of case analysis, lectures, classroom dynamics, simulation software, workshops, fieldwork and literature research, or a combination of these methodologies.

Mandatory topics on the course include marketing, organizational behavior and management, quantitative analysis, financial accounting and management, decision analysis, risk analysis, strategy and competition, business ethics, negotiation and communication, workshops in leadership and personal development, and practical work including creating and presenting business plans. The fieldwork is especially valuable, since not only does it provide experience of real experiential management, but it also encourages teamwork and leadership. It is highly valued by both students and employers.

Under agreements with the University of San Diego (USA) and COPPEAD - the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), students may undertake consultancy tasks during a short intensive period spent in a Brazilian company, together with other MBA students. There are also opportunities for students to participate in exchange programs at prestigious universities around the world.


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