Universidad ORT Uruguay

Universidad ORT Uruguay is the country's largest private university with more than 1,000 teachers and researchers for 11,000 students in five faculties and institutes. It was recognized as a university by the Ministry of Education and Culture on September 17, 1996. Its educational philosophy combines two core values: academic excellence and equal opportunities. The personal development of Universidad ORT Uruguay’s students and its graduates' professional successes are the primary measure of the quality of its educational mission.

Name of School Universidad ORT Uruguay
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Age range Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Students 10 000+
Teachers 1400

As a renowned higher education institution, Universidad ORT Uruguay is central in building collaborative partnerships within the ORT network. Amongst several academic partnerships Universidad ORT Uruguay partners with ORT Braude in Karmiel, Israel.

The Mission

The mission of the Universidad ORT Uruguay is to provide excellence in higher education in disciplines relevant to the country's development, training professionals prepared for the challenges of national and international realities. Its commitment is to provide an education that combines knowledge, skills and values ​​that enable students to develop their potential, achieve their personal and professional goals, and provide leadership and service to society.

Innovation and Quality

The University launched the first technology business incubator in Uruguay, oriented to foster emerging entrepreneurs and enterprises in the fields of computer science and telecommunications, and leads the way in the study of biotechnology. Every year the University dedicates significant resources to improve teaching methods and research, educational infrastructure and teaching capacity.

More About Universidad ORT Uruguay

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) promotes and generates start-up business ventures. It aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes, and to develop the relationship between entrepreneurs and academics. 

The CIE is founded upon two important principles. One is forging university-business links which create productive networks, help to detect market needs and create joint solutions.  The other is emphasizing the importance of innovative projects which contribute to wider social development.

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The Department of Jewish Studies offers courses on Jewish history, philosophy and tradition to students, teachers and the general public. In particular, the department runs courses on the teaching of the Holocaust - under the auspices of the Ministry of Education - for history teachers and inspectors of the public school system.

In addition to those courses, each Jewish holiday is introduced at the university in terms of its traditional and current meanings by way of talks, posters and explanatory texts.

For every Rosh HaShana since 1982, the University has published 1,000 copies of Ioman ORT, a thematic annual calendar, which is distributed free of charge. Besides the calendar itself, the publication includes articles and information of broad interest on different aspects of the Jewish world.

The department is careful to ensure Universidad ORT Uruguay’s presence at Jewish academic and inter-institutional events around the world. It receives many visits from professors and researchers at Israeli and other universities, who give conferences on different topics related to the historical and contemporary Jewish world. 

In May 2003, the department signed a framework agreement for academic cooperation with the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The characteristic of being an open Jewish institution provides Universidad ORT Uruguay, and specifically the Department of Judaic Studies, with a singular mission: to link the diversity of a variety of cultures and approaches. In order to fulfill this mission, it has established clear principles and objectives, as set out below.

Principles and objectives
ORT founders, more than 130 years ago, believed in education as the ideal tool to generate positive change in the conditions of the Jews who lived in the Russian Empire. In the same spirit, we consider education to be the best path of rapprochement between cultures and the best instrument to achieve a better relationship between human beings, based on knowledge of each other. 

With that principle in mind, and without renouncing the study, analysis and debate of the most thorny issues regarding the relationship between Jews and the rest of the world (of which probably the strongest expressions are the Middle East conflict and anti-Semitism), our proposal also involves the study and the teaching of those issues that unite us with the rest of the world. 

Throughout its existence, the Jewish world has made countless contributions to Western culture. The spreading of these contributions through lectures, conferences, courses and publications of various kinds is also our objective. Through a better understanding of the Jewish world, we aim to provide the elements for a greater understanding between the different cultures that coexist in our country and the world, in the hope of contributing to a better rapport among all of us.

Activities and events

The department organizes courses, conferences and exhibitions related to Jewish and Israeli themes, emphasizing cultural, philosophical, national and historical aspects.

Shoah is a training course for teachers aimed at introducing the teaching of relevant issues when conducting lessons and lecturing on the Holocaust and concepts derived from it (human rights, genocide and memory, among others).

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