Universidad ORT Uruguay

Universidad ORT Uruguay is the country's largest private university with more than 1,000 teachers and researchers for 11,000 students in five faculties and institutes. It was recognized as a university by the Ministry of Education and Culture on September 17, 1996. Its educational philosophy combines two core values: academic excellence and equal opportunities. The personal development of its students and its graduates' professional successes are the primary measure of the quality of its educational mission.

ORT Uruguay graduation ceremony
Name of School Universidad ORT Uruguay
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Type ORT University
Age range Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Students 9899
Teachers 1118

The Mission

The mission of the Universidad ORT Uruguay is to provide excellence in higher education in disciplines relevant to the country's development, training professionals prepared for the challenges of national and international reality. Its commitment is to provide an education that combines knowledge, skills and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat enable students to develop their potential, achieve their personal and professional goals, and provide leadership and service to society. 

Innovation and Quality

The University launched the first technology business incubator in Uruguay, oriented to foster emerging entrepreneurs and enterprises in the fields of computer science and telecommunications, and leads the way in the study of biotechnology. Every year the University dedicates significant resources to improve teaching methods and research, educational infrastructure and teaching capacity.