World ORT in Israel - Kadima Mada

In 2007, World ORT set up its “Science Journey – Kadima Mada” program, to re-envision science and technology education in Israel, specifically in the peripheral northern and southern areas of the country. World ORT Kadima Mada (WOKM) works closely with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev & Galilee, together with municipalities and regional councils. You can visit the WOKM website here and Facebook page here.

WOKM’s goal is to help bridge the gap between national educational policy and pedagogical implementation on the ground. WOKM is a project-based organization, involved with projects at a development level, implemetation level and resourcing level. WOKM's work is guided by six principles. Click on any of the links below for details of projects running in line with each of these principles.