Associate in Sound Design

The curriculum for this course provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical education covering:

  • technological subjects including audio systems, electronic sound production, synthesis, recording, editing, manipulation, amplification, propagation
  • physiological subjects relating to human audio perception
  • media issues including the use of sound in radio and tv broadcasting, film and live performance
  • musicology including understanding music theory and notation, musical styles and genres

Through individual and team work, the students explore the use of sound tools, develop their own aesthetic criteria, contribute creatively and understand more fully the concept of applied technology. The university provides work experience in all areas related to sound production, with the help of its own infrastructure and through agreements with producers, recording studios, concert halls and the media.

Graduates of the program are able to:

  • work in technical sound production for audiovisual media, music and radio
  • develop analytical criteria based on sound production in order to assess and to provide creative contributions to different areas of communication
  • use the appropriate terminology to establish fluent communication with professionals working in audiovisual media, music and the radio


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