Associate in Tourism Management

The curriculum of this course is divided into four components:

  • an overview of the economy, geography and institutions of the tourism sector and the cultural heritage of Uruguay
  • a grounding in the core disciplines of service management, human resources, marketing and accounting, as well as in matters related to quality management, with particular focus on customer service and project preparation
  • training in computing, financial mathematics, public relations and negotiation skills
  • an examination of the workings of the tourist industry's main activities, including travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, as well as specific aspects of tourism management such as marketing strategies and monitoring

Upon completion of the program, students develop a project related to the tourism sector, putting into practice the skills acquired during their studies.

Graduates are trained to assume managerial positions in large or medium tourism organizations or to manage small tourism service providers. Before obtaining their qualification, students must demonstrate their basic proficiency in either English or Portuguese, which are the required languages of the Uruguayan tourism sector.


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