YOUniversities and Centres of Excellence

YOUniversity is a World ORT Kadima Mada program that allows young people to experience the world of science and technology from an early age and exposes them to the potential of this field. The program helps bridge the gap between the skills and knowledge of Israeli students in the periphery vis-a-vis those in central Israel.

YOUniversity runs a variety of high level courses with a minimal participation fee, allowing students from low socio-economic families in the Israeli periphery to come into contact with new subjects which would otherwise have been out of their reach. Courses include robotics, photography, criminology, forensics, fashion design and chess.

The program currently runs in Kiryat Yam, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.

More about YOUniversities

YOUniversity programs currently run in cities which represent a diverse spectrum of populations and the unique problems that they each face. From ultra-orthodox Haredim, to Arab Muslims and Christians, to secular Jews; from Russians, to Ethiopians to Indian immigrants and more.

Each of the municipalities in these cities has pledged its support of the project and has initiated unique partnership opportunities with local institutions of higher learning and local businesses and industry. ‚Äč

The school year in numbers

7,500 Students

350 Study Groups

Variety of 90 courses

20 Prizes & Awards

39 Competitions

41 Study Trips

23 Science Events & Festivals


4 Delegations Abroad

Ofek Centers for Excellence:

Ofek Centers for Excellence were established by the Ministry for the Development of the Periphery, the Negev and the Galilee, and are operated by World ORT Kadima Mada with the goal of promoting excellence among children and youth and creating equal opportunities through informal education in the Negev and the Galilee.

The program offers participants a different learning experience that encourages exploration, curiosity and active experience, innovative learning techniques, and the use of advanced technological equipment. More than 5,000 students arrive each week for over 45 different courses at the Ofek Centers, which include: Robotics, application development, Business Entrepreneurship, CSI Scientific Research Club, Science and Entrepreneurship, Young Ambassadors, Chemistry WOW, Young Doctors, Young Engineers, chess, film, photography, debate and more.

Ofek Centers operate in the following municipalities:


Nahariya, Western Galilee Eshkol, Eastern Galilee Eshkol, Safed, Eshkol Beit Hakerem, Nazareth, Kiryat Gat, and Dimona. 

The school year in numbers

21,074 Academic hours

4,617 Students

312 Study Groups

Variety of 90 courses

20 Prizes & Awards

39 Competitions

41 Study Trips

5 Exhibitions & Fashion shows

23 Science Events & Festivals

4 Delegations Abroad