Animation Competition based on traditional stories and proverbs for Jewish education in FSU countries

The Animation Contests are provided for students from ORT schools in FSU since 2007. Usually the themes of such competitions were devoted to Jewish holidays (Hanukkah, Pesach, Purim) and students prepared the animation greeting cards.

This year participants were invited to create cartoons illustrating traditional Jewish stories, parables, tales and proverbs. Contest is aimed to increase the motivation of students to study subjects of the Jewish cycle; to identify talented students and to develop the creative interest in the field of ICT.

85 students and 17 teachers from 12 ORT network schools and colleges in the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Bulgaria participated in it.

As a result 19 animated cartoons (puppet, plastic, graphics) and 7 Flash animations were created.

The winners for year 2015 were announced in May 2015.

Youtube channel with all the videos here.

Videos with English subtitles: