Davidson-World ORT Science Summer School

The Programme

The Davidson-World ORT Science Summer School at the Weizmann Institute is a three-week excellence summer programme for ORT students from around the world to spend time at a prestigious academic institute in Israel. Students conduct cutting-edge scientific research projects alongside academic experts, enhancing awareness and interest in careers related to science and technology.

Following the selection of projects from a variety of fields - e.g. astronomy, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, computer and mathematical science, medical science, nanotechnology and physics, students are assigned individual lab-based research projects, working with sophisticated equipment under the supervision of experienced researchers. Students receive guidance on scientific writing and the principles of effective scientific communication. At the end of their projects, students present their findings as well as write up a full scientific research report.

Senior academics provide lectures, workshops and demonstrations to the group on specialist scientific topics, and in addition, students are given the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs who have successfully developed business start-ups which have spun off from science and technology projects.

A full program of organised social activities and unstructured recreational time provides students with the opportunity to get to know each other, encouraging students to connect with other ORT students from different countries who share similar interests in science and technology. Students enjoy a rich Jewish and cultural experience during their time in Israel, taking part in weekend trips to sites of Jewish cultural significance across the country.

The Impact

The summer school aims to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of subjects at the frontiers of science and technology; providing students with the experience of actively participating in scientific research at a level which they could not find in their high school, stimulating them beyond the limitations of their school's curriculum. All of this is to inspire appreciation and development of students own scientific communication skills.