Digital Skills Academy, Europe

The World ORT Digital Skills Academy is a new annual regional two-week summer school that draws on local expertise from within the ORT network, bringing together ORT students from Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Israel to benefit from the world class facilities and expertise available.

The summer school is designed to focus each year on a different specialism within the field of technology education, as determined by need, and to provide students with an inclusive opportunity, regardless of socio-economic status or the availability of specialist courses within their locality, to learn in English from local experts and gain practical experience in a professional environment.

Following a rigorous application and selection process, including video applications, digital evidence of expertise and school references, the summer school provides students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond their geographical locality through participation in an intensive package of tuition and collaborative projects with students from across their region, culminating in the production of digital video and marketing materials both during the Academy as well as beyond. Students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to progress their passion and expertise in digital skills to the next level in their specialism, including further education, training and future employment. The summer school also aims to enrich student’s Jewish heritage, identity, values and practices through participation in a traditional Shabbat program and a ‘Tikkun Olam’ community project, consisting of voluntary work in a Jewish care home or caring for the Jewish cemetery, providing students with the opportunity to give back to their host community.

Summer School in Bulgaria, year 2016

This Summer, Digital Skills Academy ran the second time in Sofia, Bulgaria twenty eight outstanding students from across World ORT Network participated.

This year the program offered three courses: 'Digital Video Production', 'Advanced Digital Photography' and 'Digital Audio Production' utilising the excellent facilities and expertise at the Lauder-ORT school in Sofia. The program also included visits to professional television, radio and photography studios, the world renowned Nu Boyana film studios (where more than 170 international features have been filmed, including "London has fallen"). Students also visited one of the biggest private media studios in Bulgaria – Mega Chrom.They spent four days in Yambol where they visited the antique town of Kabile. Students have also watched Nestinarstvo – a firedance ritual that involves a barefoot dance on smoldering embers. At the end of the Summer school nthe group visited Nesebar – an ancient town and one of the major seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast