Ecology Summer School

The Programme

This regional summer school, which run in Spanish, is aimed at students who are passionate about Ecology and are intending to specialise in Ecology or a related field in their post- high school studies. Participants are expected to have academic knowledge of Ecology and experience of field investigations.

The two-week Summer School takes place in Panama and sees scientific advisers and teachers assist students to develop their investigative skills through carrying out independent field projects. Ranging from studying leaf-cutting ants, hummingbird behaviour, agouti diets, and butterfly colour preferences. Students interact with researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in topics such as amphibian decline, bird mist-netting, plant physiology, and bat research at night. Students also conduct field studies to investigate ecological differences between the two great oceans found in Panama: The Pacific Ocean and The Caribbean Sea.

The Impact

This project allows students who are passionate about the natural environment and have a good level of background knowledge about the scientific study of Ecology to learn more and to develop new skills in this area.

Students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to progress their passion and expertise to the next level in their specialism, including further education, training and future employment.