Informal Educators Training

Local informal Jewish educators across the region are enthusiastic and often well-trained in leadership skills, and expressed desire to  to enhance their knowledge on the subject of Jewish history and traditions. In addition, there is an extremely limited supply of resources and study materials designed for informal Jewish education which are written in Russian and tailored to a local day school context.  Word ORT ran a one-year pilot programme of face-to-face training, distance learning and collaborative working to upgrade the Jewish literacy of 30 informal Jewish educators working in ORT schools in Russia (Moscow, Samara and Kazan), and to develop a set of programming resource materials which can be used by informal Jewish educators in ORT’s. As a result of this programme a comprehensive online resource was created available online which includes ideas for activities for the Jewish Holidays in schools, projects for Informal Jewish education as well as detailed programme for Shabbaton.  

Online Resource - here