Innovation Centres

The Programme

In 2017 World ORT launched a new initiative to train teachers to deliver a 30-week curriculum to ORT school students. Through use of innovation centres, the scheme will provide students aged 14-16 with an introduction to the world of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Either delivered formally in school or as an extra-curricular class, an innovation centre will expose students to local businesses and entrepreneurs in their community in order to study entrepreneurial innovation in technology. The language used throughout the curriculum, in teaching guidelines and lesson plans is English and ongoing support throughout the project is provided through webinars.

The course is developed in partnership with Unistream, an Israeli company that recently won recognition from the UN for its innovative approach to social entrepreneurship.

The Impact

The innovation centres teach a blend of theoretical and practical activities designed to develop students' knowledge, skills and understanding of topics such as business planning, marketing, prototyping, manufacturing and programming. The course ensures that ORT students are "innovation ready", becoming prepared for a new professional environment in an evolving world.