Music Technology and Production International Summer School

This is a new annual two-week international summer school that brings together ORT students from across the network, providing them with a unique opportunity to collaborate with their peers who share the same area of interest. The summer school aims to develop talented students’ expertise in practical applications of technology; increase their practical skills and international experience; and enhance essential ‘soft’ skills for further study and employment, such as creativity, collaboration, networking and communication. The summer school also aims to create a unique opportunity to instil in students a sense of belonging to a global family; sharing, developing and enhancing Jewish networks, practices and values, as well as developing international networks for future collaboration and partnerships.

The summer school provides students with a full program of educational, social and cultural enrichment activities, aimed not only at embedding their daily tuition, but also focusing on creating opportunities for students to learn about, experience and share with each other their cultural and religious practices, including a traditional Shabbat program. The team also foster opportunities for lasting friendships and future collaborations. 

London, Summer 2015

The 2015  International Technology Summer School took place in London in August, focusing on Music Technology and Production (with subsequent years focusing on different specialisms as determined by need). The language of instruction is English and students are required to evidence their ability to communicate in English, as well as their interest and expertise in music technology and production. Students were selected to participate following a rigorous selection process that includes a school recommendation, a video application and examples of their work. The summer school in 2015 provided 30 ORT students aged 16 and 17 from Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Israel, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Bulgaria with an exceptional opportunity to access specialist face-to-face tuition and hands on experience in a professional environment at Morley College of Music, enabling them to progress to the next level of expertise in their specialism, as well as evidencing their formal extracurricular training and international experience. During the summer school students collaborate together to create, record and produce their own music, as well as continued collaboration upon their return home.