Robotraffic – Annual international competition since 2009

The idea of Robotraffic competition was suggested by Israeli technical university Technion. The Technion Robot Traffic & Safety International Competition is organized in Haifa with an aim to teach safer driving through robotic competition. The vision is to provide early education in traffic laws and the physical limitations of vehicles and drivers, and to create ways to make the road "smarter" in order to reduce the unacceptably high accident rate for youngsters (and adults) in Israel. This is achieved through a robotic competition that by its nature attract the attention of young people.

The Robotraffic project involves the building of robotic car models which need to be able to follow the rules of the road. Robotic car assembly kits, that were originally designed and developed by the Technion, are distributed to groups of school students who form teams and study and prepare for the competition throughout the school year by designing and programming the robotic cars to follow the rules of the road.

The aim of this project is to motivate students of ORT Jewish schools in the countries of the former Soviet Union study robotics as advanced technology course. 


Robotraffic is comprised of 4 competitive events:

Safe driving – Students design, assemble and program the robots to follow a route while obeying traffic regulations (traffic lights, speed, indicating, stop signs, etc).

Speed - The robots are programmed to race each other.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Using CAD students design the electrical mechanisms of the robotic car

Theoretical written exam – Students answer questions on traffic regulations, safe driving, mechanical design, etc

It is World ORT goal to encourage students to participate in Robotraffic and, consequently, continue to take an interest in STEM subjects. As such, at the beginning of each school year, WORLD ORT invites its affiliated high schools to participate, providing competing schools with assembly kits. This year, past participants have the