World ORT STEM Summer School

The Program

The World ORT International STEM Summer School provides the ORT network’s most gifted students with an opportunity to spend three weeks receiving a unique, profound learning experience in Israel.

The students work alongside distinguished Israeli scientists while enjoying a rich Jewish and cultural experience in Israel. Students from all over the world discover why Israel has established its reputation for tech entrepreneurship, meeting some of the country’s best scientists and visiting research institutes that nurture Israel’s talent.

The program explores applied scientific disciplines that are beyond the scope of the typical school classroom, and stimulate students’ minds with challenging projects beyond the limits of their school curriculum. The Summer School will give them opportunities to carry out experiments in laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, and give them tools for creative, entrepreneurial, technological and "out-of-box" thinking.

Students develop their research and presentation skills through hands-on research projects from a range of scientific fields together with insights into how research is linked practically into everyday life. Research projects help students learn to collaborate and to create closer links with their peers from different countries who share similar interests in science and technology. The STEM Summer School will help these exceptional students in their personal development, building leadership skills and encouraging social responsibility.

The Impact

The summer school aims to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of subjects at the frontiers of science and technology; providing students with the experience of actively participating in scientific research at a level which they could not find in their high school, stimulating them beyond the limitations of their school's curriculum. All of this is to inspire appreciation and development of students own scientific communication skills.