Taub Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

The World ORT Taub Young Entrepreneurship Program trains teachers from all over the world to deliver a 30-week curriculum, providing students aged 14-16 with a thorough introduction to the world of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The program curriculum is a blend of theoretical and practical activities, aimed to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding, encouraging creative thinking and practical creativity: the brief is for small teams of students to design a product which solves a social problem.

The full course simulates the real-world process of developing an initial idea through market research, analysis of risks and opportunities, to defining product specifications, selecting the optimum business model, designing a marketing strategy, manufacturing a product prototype and, finally, the presentation of a business plan and sales pitch.


The Impact

The program is a blend of theoretical and practical activities designed to develop students' knowledge, skills and understanding of topics such as business planning, marketing, prototyping, manufacturing and programming. The course ensures that ORT students are "innovation ready", becoming prepared for a new professional environment in an evolving world.