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Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS)

• Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is a not for profit, child centred school that offers a rigorous international education, imbued with the vibrancy of Jewish values, tradition and culture. We are a diverse community that welcomes students of all nationalities and faiths.

• Our educational philosophy is one that teaches resilience, collaboration, independence and perseverance. We are a smaller school which allows us to tailor learning, enabling each child to flourish and reach their full potential.

• We strive to build mensches. We have a strong ethical foundation and engender a commitment to social action through Tikkun Olam. Our children are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens, with charity and volunteering a strong aspect of school life.

Name of School Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS)
Location Singapore
Age range Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, High School
Students 192


• The curriculum within the preschool is Reggio Emilia inspired.

• In the elementary school, students study the IPC, Singapore Maths Curriculum and UK National Curriculum for Literacy.

• At Junior High and High School levels, the curricula taught are the IMYC and iGCSEs.

• The language of instruction is English; Hebrew and Mandarin are taught as foreign languages.


I found I was able to blend in and socialize with everyone really easily since SMMIS is such a multicultural and accepting school. I also love how, whenever I need help or someone to talk to, I know that I can talk to anyone freely without being judged, but instead getting the help and support I need. The teachers at SMMIS are also extremely helpful. Whenever I am struggling with a certain topic they will take time to make sure that I understand the topic and catch up. Grade 8 Student

I love the school because it is a very warm and welcoming place and everybody feels like family. The teachers are encouraging and gently push you to be the best you can be. I also love how there are kids from so many different nationalities and cultures at the school. It has changed my worldview n a positive way. Grade 7 Student