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ORT-KesherNet Centre, Gomel

The ORT-KesherNet Centre in Gomel for information and communication technologies began its operations in 2003. It is housed in the Jewish community “Akhud” premises. 

Name of Centre ORT-KesherNet Centre
Location Gomel, Belarus
Age range Adult education and training
Students 170
Teachers 2

The main impact of the centre is improving the social and economic status of socially vulnerable segments of the population by providing training for professional work with new information technologies. The centre’s target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, elderly people and young students. Members of the Jewish community access the centre. Gomel’s Jewish kindergarten and Sunday school benefit from computer literacy and English language training.


The centre specializes in computer literacy training for elderly people. It offers the following courses, which can be taken as independent courses or together as one overall package:

Computer Literacy

This course provides students – particularly more elderly people – with an introduction to working with a PC.

Microsoft Word

This course provides students with the basic skills necessary for working with Microsoft Word, such as creating, editing and saving documents.

Microsoft Excel

This course provides students with the basic skills necessary for working with Microsoft Excel, such as inputting data, using simple formulae and functions, and creating charts.


This course builds students' confidence in using the Internet, in particular with social networking sites and Skype.

Professional Improvement

The course is aimed at training the search for information on the Internet, creation of e-mail, work on the scanner, email, social networks, processing and preservation of information, the use of built-in functions.


The course is aimed at training to work with the web-server, PHP language, MySQL database, middle ware query language, solving real-world problems, placing the site on the network internet and interaction with users.