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ORT France is a Jewish institution for education and training, founded in 1921 and recognized as a charity in 1961.

ORT France’s seven colleges are at the forefront of providing vocational learning and making use of the most-up-to-date technologies, giving their students an upper-hand when they come to apply for jobs.

ORT France's motto is "we are proud of the success of our students", indicating the importance placed on a student achieving his or her objectives rather than the time taken by this process. There is an emphasis on the Jewish identity of students and the colleges observe the Jewish calendar and maintain kosher eating facilities.

ORT France Innovation and Development

The ORT France Research & Innovation Department is the hub for research and development in new technologies. With an expertise in research, development and innovation projects, the research brings new solutions and innovative elements to customers’ businesses.

The focus of the Department is on the combination of advanced technological developments and commercial exploitation of project outcomes leading to innovative but realistic solutions.

With capacity for coordinating international partnerships and an extended network of technology centres, universities and user organisations, ORT France is a reliable business partner.

ORT France Innovation is organized around 4 pillars :

Research and Innovation

Learning & Development 

Technical Assistance

Expert Training Services