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Lycée ORT Daniel Mayer, Montreuil

In July 1946, ORT brought together all of its Paris-based activities in a former paper pulp factory in Montreuil, acquired thanks to the generosity of ORT donors. At this time ORT provided vocational courses, training future tailors, furriers, locksmiths, mechanics, electricians etc. Today, ORT in Montreuil offers higher education, together with technical and professional state diplomas, in a 12,000 sq meter fully modern building. The college is named after Daniel Mayer, French politician and Vice-President of World ORT from the second half of the 20th century.

Name of School Lycée ORT Daniel Mayer
Location Montreuil (Paris)
Age range High School, College
Students 770
Teachers 62

Higher education courses

BTS Accountancy

The BTS Accountancy qualifies students to perform a number of functions within commercial organizations, including:

  • organizing and completing the accounts
  • explaining and communicating financial information relevant for management
  • designing management information systems which assist with financial forecasting and decision-making

BTS Business IT

The BTS Business IT qualifies students to be responsible for infrastructure support and software applications in organizations. Graduates can install, administer, manage and maintain IT equipment and computer networks. They focus on providing services and application oriented software solutions, for example the development of custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or hotel reservations software.

BTS Business Management

The BTS Business Management places significant emphasis on the use of information technology and communications as tools for business management.

Graduates will be familiar with two languages, and develop a good knowledge of marketing, economics and law. They will display the necessary skills for attracting clients, winning business and developing customer loyalty – which are invaluable in both service organizations and professional firms.

BTS Dental Prosthesis

Students taking this course spend half of their time at college and the other half in a lab. They learn the business of designing, organizing and supervising all types of dental prosthesis work. On graduating from the course, they are qualified to open their own dental prosthesis laboratory.

BTS Optician

The BTS Optician trains students to carry out eye tests, together with diagnosing and solving vision-related problems. Graduates of the course are qualified to practise as opticians – whether by themselves, in a firm or in a research department.

Students develop their management, business and communication skills to help them manage a sales area and to interact positively with customers. They are also suitably qualified to participate in technical and commercial decision-making in order to improve sales.

Expert in Computer Systems and Networks Engineering (Vocational Master Degree)

The systems engineer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer equipment and software of a firm on all its settlements. By means of tests and regular checks, he (she) is continuously seeking solutions likely to increase the performance of the system. He (she) also manages the permissions of access and installs systems of protection. With the development team, this technical manager ensures a mission of council in the area of configuration. He (she) assesses and anticipates the needs of a firm, informs the users of technical developments, and when it’s necessary coaches trainings. He (she) performs a technological watch and facilitates the integration of new system tools

DCG Diploma in Accounting & Management

The DCG Diploma in Accounting & Management provides students with a basic knowledge of accounting, corporate finance and commercial law. Graduates of the diploma can continue studying in order to qualify as chartered accountants or to progress to advanced management studies. They can also move directly to the labour market.

The course is based on three tracks:

  • legal – consisting of tax law, company law, labour law, civil law
  • economics
  • financial management

The course also includes a number of additional subjects, such as English and information systems. In addition, students undertake an eight-week internship with a commercial company.

DSCG Master Degree in Chartered Accountancy

The DSCG Master Degree in Chartered Accountancy provides an advanced level of management studies. It concentrates on accounting and financial aspects, but also covers legal and tax-related topics, in addition to management control and information systems. Student spend half of their time in college and half of their time in a firm of chartered accountants. Graduates of the diploma can access a variety of financial and management related employment opportunities. After obtaining this diploma, graduates who undertake a three year internship with an accounting firm need only pass one further exam in order to become certified public accountants.

Web Project Manager (Vocational Master Degree)

Students learn how to manage a web-based project (e.g. publishing or digital communications) from the inception and design phases up to artistic and technical implementation. They learn about contract management and risk management, as well as gaining familiarity with a variety of related professions (e.g. developers and graphic designers) whose work they will be responsible for coordinating in their roles.

High school courses

BAC PRO Accountancy

This course covers accounting practices, together with the basics of financial management.

BAC PRO Dental Prosthesis

Students who qualify from this diploma are able to prepare dental illustrations, analyse patient data, research potential technical solutions and manufacture prosthetic appliances accordingly.

BAC PRO Digital and Electronic Systems

Students who qualify from this diploma go on to work in the security alarm and video surveillance industry. Alternatively, they work in the field of telecommunications and networks.

BAC PRO Optician

Students who qualify from this diploma are able to, prepare, adapt and sell eyeware, under the supervision of a qualified optician. They are also able to carry out workshop tasks relating to eyeware. This course is a springboard towards the BTS Optician.

BAC STMG (Sciences, Technology, Management & Accounting) Accountancy

This course covers the fundamentals of accounting in business. Students are given sound theoretical training but also need to demonstrate an aptitude for applying this theoretical knowledge in a practical context. Special emphasis is placed on using information technology tools in accountancy.

BAC STMG (Sciences, Technology, Management & Accounting) Marketing

On this course, students learn about different marketing methods, they carry out a market study for a given product, and they practise their negotiation skills through role-play. The course also covers sale and distribution techniques, inventory management and public relations.

BAC STI2D (Science & Technology for Industry & Sustainable Development) - Information Systems & Digital Technology

This course is one of the specialties of the new vocational high school diploma STI2D (Science and Technology for Industry and Sustainable Development).

The course covers the creation and analysis of technical solutions dealing with information flow (voice, data, images) in modern integrated systems that include both local and remote management of information.

Students are able to pursue their studies in this field at engineering school.


The pedagogy of this four months program is centered on ‘Learning in action’ in real situation and the transfer of experience (collaborative learning by doing and sharing). Always supervised by experimented professionals, the students work all school year on two missions (creation and personal projects), by team of three, during 6 weeks (100 hours by mission) on each of the missions, in almost full-time, the courses representing about fifty hours for every mission (Marketing and strategy, Finance, Business law, Accounting, Learning how to pitch, and so on…).The educational principle of these missions can be summarized in a sentence «at ORT- Entrepreneurship, we are in the real life».