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Collège et Lycée ORT Léon Bramson, Marseille

ORT Marseille opened its college in 1947 as the first Jewish school in the city. Initially it prepared its students for maritime careers; the college later developed sewing, secretarial, mechanical engineering and electrical courses. Since 1962, the college has been located in three buildings in southern Marseille. A kosher canteen is available for all students.

Name of School Collège et Lycée ORT Léon Bramson
Location Marseille
Age range Junior High, High School, College
Students 507
Teachers 57


After general studies in junior high school (ages 10-15), students choose from a variety of courses. Students aged 15-19 prepare for their 3 year Baccalaureate qualification. The college offers several options.

Vocational Baccalaureate

The aim of this diploma is to make students directly employable and the course includes a work placement. Students can specialise in Business or Management Administration. 

Technological Baccalaureate

The Technological Baccalaureate, BAC STMG, provides students with strong general and technological knowledge and can serve as a stepping-stone to higher level studies.

Specialities include; Management and Marketing, Management, Accounting and Corporate Finance, Public Relations and Human Resources.

General and Technological Baccalaureate

This track has an academic specialism in one of two areas: Scientific, specialising in mathematics, science and technology and Social Science, specialising in economics, history, geography, languages and mathematics.

Higher Education - College

The college prepares students for an Advanced Technological Diploma. This is a 2 year course leading to a BTS degree, which prepares students for direct entry to work. Students develop the specialist knowledge linked to their chosen field, as well as broadening their general education.

BTS Real Estate Business

On completing this diploma, students receive a professional qualification enabling them to set up their own real estate agency.

BTS Business and Marketing

On completing this diploma, students will have the necessary skills to attract new customers to and develop a commercial organization.

BTS Optician

Dispensing opticians are the only professionals allowed to make and see corrective glasses following an ophthalmologist's medical prescription