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Lycée ORT Maurice Grynfogel, Toulouse

In 1962, M. Maurice Grynfogel and members of the governing body of the Toulouse Jewish community campaigned to open an ORT college in Toulouse, when Jews started arriving from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

Mr Grynfogel made available a large villa for the college to open in. Premises were then transferred to Colomiers, where they have remained until now. Mr Grynfogel became the Headmaster of the ORT college in Toulouse and remained in position until 1984.   

Name of School Lycée ORT Maurice Grynfogel
Location Colomiers - Toulouse
Age range High School, College
Students 489
Teachers 61


BAC Pro ELEEC (Electro Energy Equipment Communication)

This course focuses on the distribution and use of electrical energy in domestic and industrial settings, and the installation of electrical equipment.

BAC Pro Management

On graduating from this course, students can work in a variety of private and public sector organizations – perhaps acting as effective intermediaries and negotiators.

BAC Pro Trade

This course trains students to manage shops which specialize in a particular product. Students are trained in the areas of sale and management, and they also learn about the legal and economic contexts of retail.

BAC STG Accounting and Corporate Finance

Graduates of this course organize and carry out management accounting functions. They are involved in the development and communication of management information and contribute to forecasting and decision-making within a company. They deal with the design, operation and evolution of information systems, making use of the latest technological solutions. They may also represent the company in its dealings with external organisations, and may have responsibility for entering into contractual obligations on behalf of their company.

BAC STG Marketing

Students on this course use ICT tools (emails, Word, Excel, networks) to carry out specific learning tasks. Various activities in and outside the classroom help the students develop their working styles in order to improve their autonomy and sense of initiative.

BTS Banking Option A: Individuals

Graduates of this course master banking techniques so that they can take charge of the financial portfolios of individual or professional clients.

BTS Business Units Management

Graduates of this course aspire to be in charge of commercial units. They are trained to strike a balance between retail demands of the market and human resources management.

BTS Electrotechnology

Graduates of this course work in the use and maintenance of electrical equipment. They also develop skills to study the impact of this equipment on the environment, and learn how to maintain effective relationships at work.

BTS International Trade

This European BTS - established together with Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Switzerland – trains students for two years in import and export services. Graduates of this course become international marketing professionals. They can undertake quantitative market research and gather market intelligence.

BTS Optician and Spectacle Manufacturing

Graduates of this course take over from ophthalmologists and are ready to meet their clients’ needs after two years of study.