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Collège et Lycée ORT Robert Blum, Villiers-le-Bel

ORT Villiers-le-Bel opened in 1967, with particular emphasis on accommodating young Jewish people arriving in France from Morocco and Tunisia. From the start, the center ran professional training courses for students looking to find employment in the fields of accounting and secretarial work. In response to the changing needs of the Jewish community, the center opened its first courses at high school and college level in 1992.

Name of School Collège et Lycée ORT Robert Blum
Location Villiers-le-Bel
Age range Junior High, High School, College
Students 639
Teachers 53


After general studies in junior high school (ages 10-15), students choose from a variety of courses. Students aged 15-19 prepare for their 3 year Baccalaureate qualification. The college offers several options.

Vocational Baccalaureate

The aim of this diploma is to make students directly employable and the course includes a work placement. Students can specialise in Business or Management Administration. 

Technological Baccalaureate

The Technological Baccalaureate, BAC STMG, provides students with strong general and technological knowledge and can serve as a stepping-stone to higher level studies.

Specialities include; Management and Marketing, Management, Accounting and Corporate Finance, Public Relations and Human Resources.

General and Technological Baccalaureate

This track has an academic specialism in one of two areas: Scientific, specialising in mathematics, science and technology and Social Science, specialising in economics, history, geography, languages and mathematics.

Higher Education

The college prepares post-Baccalauréat students for a two-year Bachelor Technician Degree (BTS) in retail banking, certified by the French Ministry of Education. This qualification prepares students for direct entry into work.