Research and Innovation

To support industrial innovation and achieve its objective of international reference of digital content and information technology, ORT Innovation is engaged in collaborative (R & D) projects, pooling expertise and skills in public and private research in the European and French level concerned.

Its industry expertise is expressed through an organization comprising experts and communities of interest on the following topics:

·         Excellence Science

·         Industrial Leadership

·         Societal Challenges 

ORT Innovation aims to develop specific activities of project development and management of research programs and collaborative development involving various socio-economic partners at the national or international level.


·         Identify the business drivers as a source of innovation and service opportunities and sectoral developments

·         Support innovation as digital transformation through training and change management methodologies.


Learning and delivering skills

Immersive learning environment for science and technology (2013-2016)

 A French project financed by Ministry of Education in France. 7 Partners (4 Schools network including ORT and 3 Industrial partners and technology provider including Dassault Systèmes )

3D Simulation Training for Technical Objects, targeting STEM and particularly the energy sector. ORT is leading the experimentations with different schools including Académie de Créteil (Paris Area) 

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Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning  (2016-2018)

Game & Learning Alliance (2011-2014)

 A platform composed of tools to reduce the time need for Serious Game production (2014-2015)

Other Challenges

Controlling chronic diseases related to metabolic disorders (2008-2012)

Network to help leave at home (2013-2014)

Law Enforcement Intelligence Learning Application (2014-2016)