ORT-KesherNet Centre, Tbilisi

The ORT-KesherNet Centre in Tbilisi for information and communication technologies began its operations in 2009. The main impact of the centre is improving the social and economic status of socially vulnerable segments of the population by providing training for professional work with new information technologies. The centre’s target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, elderly people and young students. Members of the Jewish community access the centre. KesherNet is a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher. 

Name of CentreORT-KesherNet Center at Tbilisi
Age rangeAdult education and training

The center hosts courses on personal development, job-search and employment, and computer literacy – covering Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the Internet.


Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

The course includes the study of general information about the programs, editing features, menu commands and options. edit data, create formulas and functions, case study

Fundamentals of Internet

The course includes the study of the history, status and organization of the networkб access’s settings, address and domain name system, services and rules of e-mail using.

Microsoft Windows XP

The course includes the study of hardware and software, file system, data entry, the operating system and basic principles of the use of the Internet.

Computer Literacy (Intensive)

Complex course consists of studying Windows XP, Word, Excel and Fundamentals of Internet.