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ORT in Italy

ORT's work in Italy is based out of two Jewish schools - the ORT Liceo Renzo Levi in Rome and the ORT-affiliated Scuola Della Comunita Ebraica in Milan.

ORT Liceo Renzo Levi, Rome

ORT Liceo Renzo Levi was founded in 1973 by ORT Italy, together with the Chief Rabbi and leaders of the Rome Jewish community. The school’s educational mission is to teach students how to learn and to provide them with the relevant tools enabling them to go on to university or employment. In addition, the school aims to instil a strong sense of Jewish identity and culture in its students, in order to develop strong new generations of Rome’s Jewish community. Read more

Scuola Della Comunita Ebraica, Milan

The Jewish School in Milan was set up in 1929.The general curriculum is accompanied by a strong Hebrew and Jewish Studies curriculum. In recent years, ORT has supported the installation of a multi-purpose multimedia lab at the school. Read more