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Lauder Schools of Prague

The Lauder School of Prague is the only Jewish school complex in the Czech Republic – comprising a kindergarten, an elementary school and a high school. It is open to students of all Jewish backgrounds and is also open to non-Jewish students. Not only is the school a partner of World ORT, but it also belongs to the European network of Lauder schools, established in the 1990s.

Name of School Lauder Schools of Prague
Location Prague
Age range Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, High School
Students 352
Teachers 41

Projects and Collaborations

Exchange with Istanbul School

Students benefit from an exchange program with the Ulus Ozel Mosevi Lisesi Jewish School in Istanbul, Turkey – which introduces them to Jewish life in a different country and culture.

Cooperation with the Charles University of Prague

The school cooperates with the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University of Prague – providing opportunities for university students to shadow teachers and participate in project-based learning.

Cafe for Parents

The school organises educational sessions for parents several times a year. The themes are usually from pedagogy, psychology and Judaism. Part of the improvised Café includes refreshments made by students and music by student bands.

Reading Corners

Few times a year, parents, teachers, students or a local celebrity comes to school to read their favourite book from childhood to the students. The aim is to develop reading literacy and build excitement around reading.

"In Medias Res" Conference

The school has hosted an academic conference for its students, students from other schools in Prague and beyond and for members of the general public. Participants choose from a wide variety of lectures in the fields of both science and humanities. In the year 2015 speakers included: Gary Koren - Ambassador at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel in Prague, Andrew Schapiro – U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Leo Pavlat – director of the Jewish Museum of Prague, Tomas Pojar – former Czech Republic Ambassador to Israel, Jan Pirk – a heart surgeon.