JSG Maimonides

• In 1928, the first Jewish High school in Amsterdam opened as the Jewish HBS. The school operated until May 1943 when it was closed because of the war.

• The school re-opened in 1947 as the Jewish High School Maimonides.

• Since 1950, the school has been part of the JBO foundation.

• The school became part of the World ORT network in May 2019.

Name of SchoolJSG Maimonides
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Age rangeJunior High, High School


• Maimonides is an independent high school and has an average of 150 students. This means that the unity of curriculum, culture and building within Maimonides is guaranteed for the three types of education that are offered: mavo, havo and vwo. Maimonides offers high-level education in an open pedagogical climate. In addition to the obligatory subjects, we also offer Jewish education. In the first grades, students engage with a multidisciplinary project in each term which integrates different languages, subject matters and skills.

• Outside of the core curriculum, these subjects are offered in Junior High:

  • Art
  • Technology
  • Science

• In addition to the mandatory core curriculum, in the High School, pupils choose an Alpha or Beta set of subjects. Furthermore, pupils can choose extra subjects within their chosen subjects profile. Examples are Nature, Life & Technology (NLT), business economics and geography.

Technology Education

• Students in the first and second classes, study the basics of computer literacy and become familiar with standard office software packages and learn the following programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive and Outlook.

• The first year students learn to edit with different editing software and how to use publishing platforms like YouTube. They learn skills to search online (Google and using sources).

• Students in the first and second classes learn different skills during the technology lessons:

  • Scratch: computer programming
  • BBC: Microbit
  • Arduino Nano: computer programming
  • Robotics: Mbot and Lego Mindstorms
  • 3D scanning and printing
  • Control and film with drones

• During the geography lessons, students learn to work with the Digital Atlas and GIS (Geographical Information System): reading and analysing digital maps

• Students in the first and second classes, study the basics of Robotics in the talent class called Beit Einstein during the first two years of junior high.

Jewish Education

• Students learn the basics of Ivrit (Modern Hebrew) during the first two or three years of Maimonides. Depending on their track, they can choose it as an exam subject as a Modern language after the second year in the mavo and after the third year in havo/vwo (like French or German).

• Students learn the basics of Classical Hebrew during the first two or three years of Maimonides. This subject is embedded in the Jewish studies program during the first two or three years of Maimondes. Depending on their track, they can choose it as an exam subject after the third year as a Modern language (like French or German). Classical Hebrew is not offered from the third year of mavo. Yet, on request of individual students it will be facilitated in the mavo on request.

• Jewish Studies is offered in the first two years of mavo and third year of havo and vwo. It contains different subjects. As mentioned before Classical Hebrew is one of them. Other subjects are Talmud, Tenach, basic Jewish Knowledge and Jewish History.

Additional Educational Offerings or Specialities

• There are Four Houses of Learning (Beits) through which students in the lower grades can follow self-directed, project-based, learning for two hours each week. Students have the opportunity to choose a Beth during a period. A period is 11 to 12 weeks long. Each house offers development of talents on a variety of subjects. We have 4 Beits or houses:

  • Beth Chagall, the house of art and media; students spend time on theatre, film and photography and learn from start to finish about performance, production and creating.
  • Beth Spinoza, the house of philosophy and question-based learning: students have the chance to start their own projects and develop themselves on a subject of their own choosing.
  • Beth Maccabi, the house of sport and lifestyle: students spend time on developing their own goals around sportsmanship, endurance and organizational skills.
  • Beth Einstein, the house of science; students learn about robotics, astronomy, physics and technical skills.

Other specialities/additional educational offerings include:

• Cambridge English

• Delf French