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JSG Maimonides

• In 1928, the first Jewish High school in Amsterdam opened as the Jewish HBS. The school operated until May 1943 when it was closed because of the war.

• The school re-opened in 1947 as the Jewish High School Maimonides.

• Since 1950, the school has been part of the JBO foundation.

• The school became part of the World ORT network in May 2019.

Name of School JSG Maimonides
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age range Junior High, High School
Students 144


• Maimonides is an independent high school and has an average of 150 students. This means that the unity of curriculum, culture and building within Maimonides is guaranteed for the three types of education that are offered: mavo, havo and vwo. Maimonides offers high-level education in an open pedagogical climate. In addition to the obligatory subjects, we also offer Jewish education. In the first grades, students engage with a multidisciplinary project in each term which integrates different languages, subject matters and skills.

• Outside of the core curriculum, these subjects are offered in Junior High:

  • Art
  • Technology
  • Science

• In addition to the mandatory core curriculum, in the High School, pupils choose an Alpha or Beta set of subjects. Furthermore, pupils can choose extra subjects within their chosen subjects profile. Examples are Nature, Life & Technology (NLT), business economics and geography.