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ORT Russia

Since its return to Russia in 1991, ORT has played a pivotal role in the renewal of Jewish community life in the country, recreating a dynamic educational network serving approximately 17,000 people.

ORT’s network of 6 Jewish schools in Russia, run in cooperation with local governments and Israel’s Ministry of Education, provide technology education and Jewish studies to more than 3000 students between the ages of 6 and 17.  ORT technology and ICT centers, working in primary and secondary vocational settings in Moscow, Saransk, Tambov and Tula, provide young people with the up-to-date skills they need for professional employment.

ORT places great emphasis on working with socially vulnerable segments of the population who do not have full access to up-to-date technology and ICT training. ORT offers computer literacy courses to people with special educational needs, to women from low-income and socially disadvantaged families and to elderly people. In cooperation with partner organizations, ORT Russia has also implemented an ICT training program for students with hearing impairments.

ORT is a regional partner of Hewlett-Packard in countries of the former Soviet Union for implementing the HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs. This is a global program that trains students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of IT to establish and grow their businesses. ORT coordinates the running of over 20 HP LIFE training centers in Russia.