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HP-ORT GET-IT Centre at the Automotive Technical College, Saransk

In 2009 an HP-ORT GET-IT Centre was opened at Saransk Automotive Technical College, as part of the global HP GET-IT (now called HP LIFE) initiative to accelerate micro-entrepreneurship. This is a global program that trains students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of IT in order to establish and grow their businesses.

Name of Center HP-ORT GET-IT Center at the Automotive Technical College (former Vocational School # 36)
Location Saransk/Russia
Age range High School, College, Adult education and training
Students 217
Teachers 2

The centre offers an ICT course for beginner entrepreneurs and small business owners, covering the basics of ICT which they will require for work purposes. The curriculum is developed by the Microenterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I) in cooperation with Hewlett Packard.

The aim of the ORT Computer Centre at  the Automotive Technical College is to increase the efficiency of technological education and vocational training in this educational institution by providing wide use of up-to-date ICT in the educational process.

Projects have included:

  • The development of a modular training program, a complete training pack and methodological support for the fundamentals of using ICT in education by teachers.
  • Professional development training for improvement in using ICT for teachers and administrative staff.  
  • Creating conditions for continuing professional development of Technology teachers of and vocational training teachers through a distance learning system.