ORT Moscow Technology College (The first Moscow Educational Complex)

World ORT established its partnership with the Moscow Technology College in 1996, with a focus on using ICT in vocational training. ORT installed new computer laboratories, and later opened a Vocational Training Centre at the college. The college also has a partnership agreement with ORT Strasbourg in France, working together on short-term student and staff exchanges and curriculum design.

Moscow ORT Technology College trains more than 2860 students annually. 2800 students pass part-time courses every year. The school and pre-school department are together catering for 2912 students whilst the whole educational complex involves more than 8000 students. 

Name of SchoolORT Moscow Technology College # 14
Age rangeCollege, Adult education and trainingTraining for disabled children


Students can choose from the following programmes: Costume Design, Interior Design, Landscape and Environmental Design. For graduates of 9th grade length of study is 3 years and 10 months, for those who finished 11 grades of school it is 2 years and 10 months.  

Students can choose from the following programmes: Jewellery Specialisation; Arts and Crafts: Hand-crafting, Metal Artwork; Design. 

This faculty offers courses where students study Arts and History of Arts, such as Folk Arts and Crafts, Painting, Mosaic Art and others.

Faculty of "Applied Aesthetics " allows students to become a versatile specialist with qualification in the following professions: Make Up Artist, Stylist, Hairdresser and other professionals in the Services of Beauty Industry. 


Faculty " Restaurant Business " prepares highly skilled and qualified experts. Training programmes focus on the latest trends in the restaurant business. Students have a unique opportunity to gain real work practice starting from the first year.

This faculty offers following specialities: Computer Systems and Packages, Information Systems, Economics and Accounting and many others. 

The educational process at the Faculty of Advertising uses systematic approach. Students learn general and specialist skills required in the profession, which include work with the basic design packages, filming and editing, studying work in the studio, reportage and Subject photography.

Since 2005 the college has expanded significantly. Following a reorganization of Moscow’s educational institutions, the college has expanded significantly, now being comprised of three separate vocational training schools under the Moscow Department of Education. The college is comprised of the Vocational School of Art Crafts #59, Moscow Art and Pedagogical College of Technology and Design, Entrepreneurship College #15, Secondary School # 1380 and Secondary School # 274.

The pre-school department was formed by merging four kindergartens:  two kindergartens providing for children with special needs - # 1989 and #594 and two general kindergartens #758 and # 1849.  

Since 2010 the college has implemented the “Bridging the Digital Divide” project, teaching ICT skills to students with hearing impairments. The aim of the project is to integrate these students more fully into society by assisting them to find employment.

Moscow ORT Technology College # 14 is a member of  WorldSkills International and recognised by its international vocational training program. WordSkills International is a not-for-profit association promoting vocational education and training.