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ORT VTC (ORT-KesherNet Centre) Yekaterinburg

The Lawson ORT Career Center was officially opened in April 2005, and is accommodated within the Jewish Community Center in Yekaterinburg. The aim of the Center is to provide ICT training for the Jewish population of the city, in order to help people secure employment. In 2007, the center became part of the global HP GET-IT (now called HP LIFE) program that trains students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners – regardless of background – to harness the power of IT in order to establish and grow their businesses.

In 2017 the ORT Vocational Training Centre in Yekaterinburg joined the ORT-Keshernet centre network.

Name of Center Lawson ORT Career Center at the Yekaterinburg Jewish Community Center (HP-ORT GET-IT Center)
Location Yekaterinburg\Russia
Age range Adult education and training
Students 420
Teachers 4

ICT Courses

Cooperation with Jewish Organizations and Community

ORT VTC at the Yekaterinburg Jewish Community Center provides training in ICT for members of the Jewish community, consultations for the Jewish Community Center’s specialists on ICT issues, technical support for the Jewish Community’s events and actions, and organisation of seminars and conferences in the field of ICT and entrepreneurship.  

The Center also cooperates with the Jewish Agency and JDC, providing technical support for training and testing, and participating in projects and activities.  


Contribution to the national education system

Since 2011, the ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg has participated in a program aimed at the promotion and development of robotics, entitled “Robotics: training of engineers and technical specialists for innovation in Russia”. The Center organized an academic conference in conjunction with the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Education on the subject of the “Informatization of Education in the Sverdlovsk Area”. ORT VTCs experts are the members of the Sverdlovsk Regional Coordination Council for Robotics Development in secondary schools. 

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 three All-Russian scientific and research "Methods of teaching the fundamentals of robotics in primary and secondary education" conferences were held. The theme of the year in 2014 was "Continuity of Engineering Education", and in 2015 was “STEM education and robotics".

In 2014 "Robotraffic" competitions (developed by the Leumi Robotics Center of the Technion) became a part of the All-Russian Robotic Olympiad. To promote this event in 2015, workshops for regional representatives were organized (in cooperation with ORT VTC in St. Petersburg).

In 2013, on ORT's initiative, the All-Russian project "Practical Robotics for students based on Arduino”, for 100 teachers, which took place within the framework of distance learning, began.

In 2014, on ORT's initiative, the All-Russian experimental platform of the Federal Institute for Educational Development on the theme "Development of scientific and technical creativity and improvement of technical training of school and university students by means of Robotics” was opened and it is curated by the Director of the Lawson ORT Career Center in Yekaterinburg, G.Brusnitsyna.

In 2014-2016, distance courses for teachers in “Developing competence in modern digital technologies - Modelling of autonomous vehicles” were provided under supervision of Director of the ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg, G.Brusnitsyna.

In 2016-2017, the ORT VTC’s project team of the centre became a co-organizer and developer of the distance vocational guidance laboratory "Choose Yourself!” More than 270 participants took part in the work of the laboratory. The winner of the contest of career guidance portfolios, which had been developed within the laboratory, was given a ticket to the all-Russian camp "Ocean". The site of the laboratory is

In the summer of 2017, the ORT Center co-organized the stand of the Youth Policy Department of the Sverdlovsk Region and held "Youth Days in the NTI.