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ICT and Computer Science

ICT and Computer Science are taught in 2nd through to 11th grade.

At the introductory level (2nd to 4th grade) students are introduced to basic concepts of computer science and learn to work with simple applications. Topics covered include:

  • logics and combination problems
  • sets, elements of sets, algorithms and performers
  • fundamentals of working with a computer and software: keyboard, mouse, monitor, system unit, printer, operating system, simple text, graphics and music editors

At the basic level (5th to 9th grade) students learn about:

  • algorithms and programming
  • how to use a variety of applications: word processors and spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, image editors, internet, e-mail, web design programs and anti-virus programs
  • computer simulation and modelling

At the pre-vocational level (10th to 11th grade) students learn about: 

  • information coding, number systems, Boolean algebra, digital electronics
  • graphic editors, web editors, publishing systems, Flash animation
  • mathematical modelling
  • information resources and information security
  • geographical information systems
  • computer engineering graphics