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Technology is taught in the 5th through to the 8th grade. In cooperation with World ORT, the school has developed a modern educational methodology for teaching technology, which includes tutorials for students and teachers, workbooks and digital learning resources. Students use a variety of equipment, including computers, multimedia projectors, Lego educational sets, electronic control system modules and digital microscopes.

  • Students in the 5th grade construct a variety of mechanical models using Lego educational sets. They are introduced to concepts of levers, forces and momentum and rotational motion.
  • Students in the 6th grade work with pneumatic devices. They model and design devices, building simple mechanisms that run on mechanical and wind energy.
  • Students in the 7th grade study the characteristics of technological systems. They learn to describe systems by unit-schemes and to search for faults in a vehicle. Students continue to study pneumatic devices, using a large set of Lego pneumatics.
  • Students in the 8th grade study technological control systems, such as binary and multiplex systems, open-loop control systems, control systems with feedback, automatic control systems with feedback and relay control systems.
  • Students in the 9th grade learn about the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties of materials. They also investigate the thermal properties of materials, determine the coefficients of thermal conductivity, and conduct macro and micro studies of materials. Laboratory work is carried out using Intel Qx3 microscopes.