ORT-KesherNet Center branch, Tambov College of Industrial Technologies

In 2002, a branch of Tambov ORT-Kesher-Net Centres opened at Tambov College of Industrial Technologies – the biggest vocational school in the region. A large proportion of the college’s students are without parental support. As a result, the centre’s mission of providing students with work-related skills to boost their future employment prospects is much-needed.  KesherNet is a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher.

Name of CenterORT-Keshernet Center branch at Tambov College of Industrial Technologies
Age rangeCollege


The centre runs a wide variety of courses and training manuals, presentations and handouts are developed for every course. Upon graduation of a course, all students receive certification. The centre organises seminars on topics such as financial literacy, electronic services, copyright, Internet safety for children, and more.  The centre's target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, elderly people, young students and school children.

This course runs under the framework of the HP LIFE program. It offers both in-person and distance learning, consisting of a series of independent 2 hour thematic modules. A number of graduates from this course go on to find employment or open their own business.

This course runs under the framework of Microsoft’s “Tvoi Kurs” (Your Course) project. It covers the basics of working with a computer, understanding digital terminology, cyber security and privacy, and using office software. Designed to be as accessible as possible, course materials include video lectures, animations and simulations. The course consists of 5 modules and lasts for 15-20 hours. At least 4 of these hours are spent developing skills specifically useful for future employment, covering topics like CV writing, interview technique and business planning.

This course covers the modelling and visualisation of interior designs.

This course provides a basic understanding of hardware and software, computer operating system environments, wireless communication, working with portable devices, security issues and communication skills with customers. The course has a focus on practical training and group work.

This course, developed by Microsoft, deals with studying visual design and creating three-dimensional games, without needing to know programming language. The aim of the course is to develop the imagination, creative abilities and logical thinking skills of the children taking it.

This course caters for beginners in programming who want to build up their skills as quickly as possible. The basic syntactic structure of C# is studied, together with the mechanisms of high-level programming languages.

The course is for students in the form of six lecture-webinars from 5 to 40 minutes. They study the characteristics of entrepreneurship in the IT industry, the Internet, the stage of the business process and organisational and legal aspects of the design business. Several video interviews with successful young Russian representatives of the IT business are presented.

This event is aimed at promoting the professional self-determination of a wide range of young people, increasing the prestige and popularisation of IT professions. Participation in the training allows high school students to seriously consider more their choices for the future.

The course depicts what copyright is, its value and the possibility of lawful use of an author's materials and products, both for students' own work and for use of others'. Practical exercises included in the course of familiar and understandable examples reveal the basics of copyright when using / creating digital content.

Education network security: the main dangers when using the Internet and social networks, and how to avoid them.

The course is aimed to mastering the basic capabilities of creating mobile applications for Android OS, their installation on mobile devices.

This course allows students developing their skills in creating animation, games and video.

Course provides study through a simple block programming environment that allows you to start working with students of different ages.

Students master the basic techniques of designing and programming controlled electronic devices based on Arduino.

Considering the basic constructions of Python language, methods of interaction with databases and technology of creating a site using popular frameworks.