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Colegio Hatikva

• Colegio Hatikva's history has proven that the sustainability of the Jewish community of Barcelona relies on the Jewish identity of kids, as a key factor to avoid assimilation. At the same time, the integration of kids and the Jewish institutions on their social lives is critical.

• These two factors are the basis of the mission of the Hatikva School, which is one of the key institutions that guarantees the continuity of the Jewish community in Barcelona.

• The school was created in 1972, and moved to its current facilities in Valldoreix in 2008. Since then, the main goal is to educate kids with a Jewish identity so they are able to act in a responsible and autonomous way, so they can think, explore and communicate following Jewish values.

Name of School Colegio Hatikva
Location Barcelona, Spain
Age range Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, High School
Students 300


• The curriculum is set by the local Ministry of Education and includes teaching of the local language, Catalan.

• Outside of the core curriculum, these subjects are offered:

  • Programming
  • Hebrew and Jewish history
  • Business Management
  • Journalism