'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School #144

The ORT Technology Center was opened at Ohr Avner Jewish school #144 in 2000, thanks to the support of Samuel & Minnie Berrie and Eduardo & Leticia Azar. The center consists of a technology lab, an ICT lab, a mobile lab of ten laptops, a server room and an office. A new ORT technology lab was opened in the "Menorah" cultural and business center in 2013.

Name of School"Levi Yitzchak Schneerson" Ohr Avner School #144
Location Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine
Age rangeElementary, Junior High, High School, Adult education and training


The main activities of the ORT Technology Centre in the school comprise:

  • development of technology courses
  • development of informatics and ICT courses
  • development of training sites for general subjects
  • support and information for teachers, e.g. introducing ICT into the classroom, introducing ICT into school management
  • regular teacher training
  • participation in “Net School” – a joint project of the ORT Technology Centre and the school to build and roll out a unified information environment for the school – for teachers, students and parents
  • participation in “Our City” – a joint media project of the ORT Technology Centre and the school to collect and publish materials about Dnepropetrovsk and Jewish community life in the city
  • participation in "Organizing a system of technology education for schools in the Dnepropetrovsk region" – a joint project of the ORT Technology Centre, the school and the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Pedagogical Postgraduate Institute"

The school teaches technology education as a specialist subject, supported by the ORT Technology Centre.

Technology Education

Informatics is studied from 2th to 11th grade in accordance with the state-approved “Program on Informatics for Secondary Schools: Standard Level”.

Educational activities are carried out in accordance with state-approved curriculum. From the 1st to the 11th grade is taught "Technology" course using LEGO, LEGO CAD, LEGO DACTA and modern computer technology.

1-4 grades learn "Basics of technology" using Lego equipment “Early Simple Machines”, “Simple Machines” and “WeDo”. (the development of logical thinking, analysis, synthesis, the search of self-solving of problem issues, the creation of simple machines and make simple programme)

5-6 grades learn "Modelling technology of simple structures and mechanisms" and "Technology of technological systems design" (study of the concept and principles of design, construction and performance of simple technological systems).

7-8 grades learn "Technology for creating robotic systems" and "Technology for managing robotic systems" (in-depth knowledge in the field of design and construction of simple technological systems. Programming Fundamentals).

9th grade  -  "Technology of creation of electronic devices" (basic microelectronics)

10-11 grades – "Informatics and modern computer technologies" (skills for managing  information and information flows. Fundamentals of project activities).

The school participates in “Robotraffic” international competition in the modelling and controlling robocars which traditionally take place at the Robotics Leumi Center of the "Technion" Institute in Haifa (Israel). Robotics teams successfully participate and usually took the prizes at Festival-Competition of Robotics among students and teachers of ORT network schools in the CIS and Baltic States.

Extra-curricular courses

  • A special training course “Fundamentals of Programming” is available for the 7th -11th grade students who learn basics and languages of programming and participate in the robotics contests.
  • Students of the 6th-10th grades can attend additional course "Fundamentals of  Photographic Art" (skills for professional photography); explore the possibility of software applications Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (skills for editing of photographs)
  • School broadcast "What I have to tell you ...". Guests of the program are school teachers, parents, former students who visit the School to tell students about their achievements, plans and so on. The broadcast is in particular about the school, about the Jewish traditions and history of the Jewish people.
  • Additional training and certification Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and certification Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).
  • Additional training and certification Cisco “IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software”  (Fundamentals of IT: hardware and software PC). Certificate enables (without a state profile education) to be engaged in the following activities:

- Technical Specialist (IT-Specialist)

- Manager of Information Technology (IT-administrator)

- Corporate technical specialist

Achievements and Contributions to the national education system

  • The ORT Technology Centre has been awarded the status of a Microsoft IDEA Centre. The IDEA program creates and supports community-based Internet centres which provide residents with access to computers and free ICT training.
  • The Centre participates at the All-Ukrainian experiment "Scientific and methodical bases of introduction of the national model of media education in the educational process of secondary education".
  • The ORT Technology Centre participates in the All-Ukrainian research-experimental project “Rozumnyky” (basis of design for elementary school students).
  • Every year hundreds of teachers from schools across Dnepropetrovsk come to the ORT Technology Center for training on a variety of technology and education-related subjects. The Centre provides courses in conjunction with the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Pedagogical Postgraduate Institute.
  • At the request of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Methodical Centre the School’s media lab became the basis for recording video lessons "Petrikovskaya painting."
  • Creation of the own media products - School Newspaper "Forshmak" and school video program "What I have to tell you ..." at the Multimedia Studio.
  • School teachers, including ORT teachers, became the winners of such professionally oriented competitions as "Teacher of the Year", "Modern Lesson", "The class master of the year" and others.
  • School teachers annually participate in thematic seminars for school teachers, organised by ORT.
  • Students  participated in the international educational programs of World ORT.
  • For two years (2014 and 2015) teachers of the school won the international competition "World ORT Excellence Award".